Friday, July 6, 2012

I'll be Making Five Presentations at The Commonwealth Club's Future of Work Series

The Commonwealth Club is America's oldest and largest public affairs forum. I'm honored that it has invited me to return for my fourth speaking engagement there.

This time it's five presentations in its Future of Work series:

Aug 1. What Every Career-Minded Person Should Know for 2013 and beyond.

Aug. 2: Ahead of the Pack Job Search Strategies

Aug 9: Keys to Beating the Odds in Starting a Business

Aug. 16: Getting Promoted (or at least not laid off)

Aug. 23: When Should and Shouldn't You Follow Your Passion?

For info and tickets, click on the previous links.

The Commonwealth Club has issued a press release with information on all the Future of Work series presentations. HERE it is.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marty,

Sorry I missed your first lecture, are any of your presentations going to be archived so I can listen to them in the future? Any chance you'll do a workshop to help jobseekers improve their interviewing/job seeking skills? Thanks for all you do.

Marty Nemko said...

I believe the audios of the first 3 have been posted on, one of which was on job searching. The first one, the kickoff speech was videoed. I don't know if it''ll be broadcast or not. The last two will be this Thurs at 6 (succeeding on the job) and next Thurs at 6 (When should and shouldn't you "do what you love?")


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