Wednesday, July 4, 2012

London School of Economics: More Women Want to be Housewives. Pay Gap is Women's Choices, Not Men's Sexism

It is politically incorrect to assert, but the main reasons men, on average, earn more than women is not sexism, but women's choices.

For example, this just published study by the London School of Economics' Dr. Catherine Hakim finds that more women today want to be housewives supported by their husbands than even in the 1940s, before the feminist movement was even a twinkle in Germaine Greer's eye. 

That's just the latest such study. Here are others that indicate that the gender pay gap is mainly the result of women's choices, not sexism: THIS from the New York Times, THIS from the Wall Street Journal, THIS from Compensation Cafe, and THIS from City Journal. 

Alas, the media chooses to uncritically accept the biased-researched assertions of feminist organizations like NOW, Catalyst, AAUW, and the National Women's Law Center  that there's rampant sexism against women in pay. After all, "Women earn 77 cents on the dollar."

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