Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Sampler from the One-Woman Show I Co-Wrote and Piano-Accompanied

Here's a six-minute sampler from the one-woman show I co-wrote and piano-accompanied, Big, Black, and Shy. 

It starts with the performer, Jeffrie Givens, recreating an incident as a preschooler that reveals her extreme shyness. It includes a cameo appearance by my doggie Einstein.

At 1;04, there's the first snippet of her remarkable singing/performing ability.

That's followed by the improbable (and funny) true story of how I helped her go from being so shy to someone who performs in front of thousands of people.

At 3:45, she ends her show with a song the lyrics of which embed a lesson we all could probably benefit from.

As you'll see, she got a standing ovation, as she has every time she's performed the show.



Johannes said...

Wow! I loved the performance. The last song moved me the most; I really liked what the song is about as well as Jeffrie's fantastic singing.

The video also made me think about how one can make a difference in someone's life. Your and Jeffrie's mentoring relationship has me think that one can have more impact when supporting one person a lot, rather than many people a little.

Thanks for sharing.

Marty Nemko said...

That's a great point, Johannes. Maybe I need to reallocate more of my time from the writing and public speaking to deeply involved mentorship(s.)


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