Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mentor Minutes

I am working on a book, videos, and audios that I'm calling Mentor Minutes. 

Here's my first-draft list of topics. Any you'd like to see me add?
Figuring out your next career step?
Making yourself more fire-resistant
What's your brand?
How to become intrapreneurial
The world's shortest writing course
Managing your appearance without going broke
The world's shortest course in staying healthy
The world's shortest parenting course. (If you have issues with your kids, it may affect your worklife.)

The world's shortest management course
Winning at office politics...without selling your soul
How good a communicator are you, really? (a quiz.)
Do you talk too much?
Advanced negotiation strategy
You're the job interviewer: finding out what the candidate is really like
You're getting interviewed for a job: figuring out if it really is a match, and if so, how to convince the employer that's true.
The ahead-of-the-pack resume
The ahead-of-the-pack cover letter
Running a meeting so you find out what's really going on
Keys to being a great participant in a meeting
The art of inspiring others
Getting yourself inspired--Would you like a boost in drive, motivation?
Managing your procrastination 
Giving a talk that's compelling
Get Smart: improving your cognitive functioning
The most important lesson my father taught me
Curing your disorganization: one pill does not fit all.
Just-in-time training: learning what you need without school
Making work more fun...or at least less odious
Making yourself do the ethical thing when it's inexpedient.
A 360-degree evaluation: most painful, beneficial thing you can do for your career:
Reducing your stress
Taming an anger problem.


Anonymous said...

Here are a few more that would be good to add:

Communication skills

Making yourself more fire-resistant

The one-week job search

The world's shortest writing course: for starters, write crap

Lessons you need to UNLEARN from school

Getting an Ivy League-quality education in a state university/community college

The world's shortest parenting course

Managing your appearance without going broke

The world's shortest course in
staying healthy

Living well on $20,000 a year

-Your reader in PA

Jason C. Johnson said...

somethings you may want to add:
-choosing a career
-obsessive materialism versus quality of work life
-what your dad said about the leaving the past

Anonymous said...