Monday, February 11, 2013

The Clever, Creative Resume: Alas, Sizzle Matters

It kills me that career success often depends as much on sizzle as on steak. But lest I be viewed as offering only too-idealistic career advice, I decided to devote one US News article to how to create a resume with sizzle.

At least, I hope you'll find it entertaining. It offers such suggestions as formatting your resume as an Amazon page, infographic, or Monopoly board.

To assuage my guilt, I also included a section of the artticle on how to substitute hyperhonesty for resume-speak. Alas, sizzle seems to work better. HERE is the link.


Maria Lopez said...

Honesty can't be judged from a resume. Competently done sizzle at lest shows that the candidate can do something. It may even signal more if the job is outside of the graphic arts field.

While people don't want to employ thieves, if you don't steal from your employer honesty might not matter that much day to day.

Jeffrie said...

Here is another one that's been getting buzz: a resume candy bar.


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