Thursday, December 12, 2013

What Would You Like to Occur at Your Memorial?

I just saw the play The Dining Room. In one scene, an older man told his son what he wants to occur at his memorial.

My mom is in hospice now. She has not said what she'd like and now isn't in good enough shape to tell me. That's unfortunate.

So I thought I'd write this blog post encouraging you to let your closest person(s) know what you'd like for your memorial get-together.

To encourage your thinking on this, I thought it might be helpful if I shared what I'd want:

I don't want a funeral home or even cemetery involved, nor a cleric. I've signed up for cryonics so my body will be frozen and taken to Alcor for storage in hopes of reviving me if at some point, medical science has advanced enough for that to be possible. Despite such recent discoveries that there may be a true way to dramatically reverse aging, I'm well aware that it's a very long shot but there was little to lose in signing up. It gives me a little peace of mind knowing there's at least some possibility I might come back.

I'd want a very simple memorial get-together. My wife or, if she's gone, whoever, would invite 10 or 20 people who knew me to come to their place or mine for a bite to eat and a glass of wine, and to share, honestly, how I've affected them, for better or worse. The truth. It wouldn't be a drawn-out affair. An hour or two, no more. End of story.

May it be 30 years from now.

So, do you want to make known your desires for your memorial? Feel free to post it as a comment on this blog post.

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