Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Has Life Been Unfair to You? Five tools for getting past the anger and disappointment.

It seems like some people have all the luck. And if that's not you, it's easy to feel sorry for yourself. 

My article today offers a path upward. HERE is the link.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard the term "Cooling out the Mark"? It refers to the last phase of a confidence scam. After the rip off has taken place and the culprits are ready to abscond with the loot, one of them stays behind to "cool out the mark". He is the one who plays the innocent bystander role during the whole caper. What he does is sympathize with the Mark while at the same time convincing him that it is futile to go to the police or to try to get his money back. He convinces the sucker to accept the loss and move on with his life.
I always think of this whenever I hear somebody say you should just get over it.
By the way, Life isn't unfair people are.

Marty Nemko said...

I don't quite understand. If you feel that life (or people) have been unfair to you and--as usually is the case--you can't affect redress without paying a large price, and still it may not work, isn't it generally wise to try to move forward rather than wallow in anger or sadness?


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