Saturday, December 13, 2014

12 Books for the Psychologically Attuned

I like giving and getting books as holiday presents. Not only are they more beneficial than, say, another sweater, bottle of booze, or calorific treat, they’re easier to buy and to find what’s right for the person. Amazon has 33,000,000 books, e-books, and audiobooks easily searchable, and instantly orderable, gift-wrapped, at a discount, without having to get in the car, get stuck in traffic, find parking, only to find the stores don’t have anything as on-target as what I could have bought effortlessly on Amazon. Indeed, a just-released e-Nation poll found that “1/3 of Americans would rather have a root canal than go holiday shopping.”
My article today recommends a dozen books that would make a fine gift for the psychologically attuned reader on your list.

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