Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Workover: A Retired Analyst Wants a Job

On, I've been posting edited transcripts of calls-for-help to my radio show that focuses on career issues. Today's offering tells of a retired analyst who wants and needs to work and doesn't much care what the job is.


Michael said...

I basically retired at age 33. I have $67k in outstanding college debt (BA & MBA). I don't plan on paying it off. Instead, I take advantage of IBR (income-based repayment). I live in Del Mar, CA, and work 10-15 hours a week or so, at a little shop near the beach. The weather here is really great, year around, with the avg. yearly temp at 71 degrees. It really could not be better. I spend most of my time at the rather paradisiacal beach, and the rest of my time with friends, restaurants, or writing. I like doing self-actualizing work; it's fun, but pays little. I get some government bennies (health insurance), but I'm pretty much self-supporting. I stealth camp in a van, surrounded by homes that are worth well over $5 mill (some over $30 mill). It's a nice life. It's makes dating tough because I am not bringing in much money & I have to hide the fact I live in a van (unless she's a hippie), but overall it's great. Marty, I recommend my lifestyle as an alternate career path to your readers. I may not do it forever, but for now it could not be more right for me.

Anonymous said...

Should there have been a link?

Marty Nemko said...

Yes. Thank you, Anonymous for pointing it out. The link has now been added.


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