Saturday, August 1, 2015

Workover: Should My Daughter Go for a Law or Public Policy Degree?

I've been posting edited transcripts of calls to my NPR-San Francisco radio program in which I help people solve their work problem. I call them Workovers

In today's, a mother asked if me if I thought her daughter should go for a law or a public policy degree.

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Peter C said...

"Caller: She can argue me under the table"

A pretty common misconception. Lawyers do relatively little arguing. They read long, complicated things very carefully and try and parse a particular meaning from the words. Then they write something very carefully so its clear that it means one thing and cannot be interpreted to mean another thing by someone else.

The caller's daughter should talk to some real lawyers before she spends three years and a lot of money on law school. She should also look at the job prospects in general, which are abysmal.


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