Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Male Suicide: A Silent Epidemic

Men are four times as likely to commit suicide as are women.

The gender gap increases over the lifespan:  "The male suicide rate goes from equal to females' prior to adolescence to five times as high’ between 20 and 24. Among the elderly, men over 85 have a suicide rate 1300% higher."

Perhaps surprising, the rate is highest among whites and lowest among African Americans and Hispanics.

White male suicide is up 40% in the last decade.

In my PsychologyToday.com article today, I explore the gender death gap and argue that it's just one example of why the conventional wisdom that women are treated unfairly should be tempered. 

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Anonymous said...

I could never understand why suicide is taboo.

If a person has done everything they can to find peace of mind but cannot why can't society allow that person to check out in a humane way if that's what the person wants?

If a person wants to purchase secanol or some other barbiturate for such a purpose why should he or she be disallowed?

In a free society this would be allowed.


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