Monday, November 23, 2015

Could the Reduction in Good Jobs Actually Be Good for America?

Automation, dysgenic birth rates, high immigration rates of unskilled people,  the ballooning cost of hiring an American, and globalization will dramatically cut the number of good jobs in the U.S. 
As a result, most Americans will have to live much simpler, less materialistic lives. Some will rebel--e.g., violent revolution may be possible. Less aggressive people will replace the time they would have spent in paid work in volunteerism, relationships, and in creative output, e.g., writing, painting, singing, community theatre. 
Is it thus possible that quality of life, net, in the U.S. will be better as a result?

1 comment:

Frank said...

No, most people won't be able to handle the pretend economy of make work, i.e. volunteerism. There's part of everyone that needs to know that they're useful to the civilization. I don't think that volunteerism will fit that bill. The mass immigration of unskilled workers in this atmosphere is dangerously combustible.


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