Monday, November 9, 2015

Workover: Should I Open a Restaurant?

I was taking my daily hike when my nine-year-old doggie chased after another dog and they played like young pups. I said to the owner, "It's so fun to see my dog act like a puppy."

His response was the last thing I expected: "You're Marty Nemko." He had recognized my voice from my radio show.

He said, "Would you mind doing one of your Workovers on me? I'm very close to quitting my HR biotech job to start a restaurant but I haven't quite pulled the trigger."  I said, "Sure but I'll be asking you a bunch of hard questions--like Shark Tank." He said, "Great."

My article today consists of a paraphrase of the dialogue that ensued. It raises issues that every would-be business owner must consider:

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