Thursday, January 10, 2019

Getting Good at Almost Anything: A 4-step plan for tackling tasks

Have you ever met someone who seems good at nearly everything? Sure, they probably have a high IQ, which means they quickly learn, retain, and apply knowledge to solve a wide array of problems. But IQ is relatively immutable, and the validity of pop-psych concepts such as "Grit" and "Growth Mindset" have been found to have less utility than their conceptualizers had claimed. See, for example, this regarding"Grit." See, for example, this regarding "Growth Mindset."

My article today offers a more likely approach to getting good at most things. I’ve developed this 4-step plan for tackling tasks from my many highly successful clients and friends, plus, okay, from my own life. I present the plan via an example. Because it's in Psychology Today,  the example I use is a person who's trying to figure out how to deal with anxiety.

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