Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Conjugal Visit

This is totally off-topic for my blog but listen to this: The Conjugal Visit (Warning: It is very sexually explicit.) Do NOT read the rest of this blog post until you've listened to it.

* * * * *
When I first heard it, I thought it was a recording of a real conversation between a prison switchboard operator and a caller. (Call me stupid, what can I say?) I found it very entertaining. Then I found out that it is a comedy routine by Wanda Sykes, a four-time Emmy-award winning writer and comedian. Now knowing it is a comedy routine, when I listen to it again, it seems less funny, which is why I wanted you to listen to it without knowing what it is--in case you're as stupid as I am.

A question for you: Do think it's racist of me to post this comedy routine? I decided to post it because, while it does reinforce a racial stereotype, many of our most admired comedians use their their race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation as the basis for their comedy routines.

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Anonymous said...

I've heard better, but I like it. I'm a Wanda Sykes fan. If you liked this, Mr. Nemko, you might want to check out the show "Crank Yankers." It's not on the air anymore, but I'm sure it's on DVD.

I don't think you're racist for posting the clip, given the context. If you had posted it along with a racist rant full of stereotypes about black women, I'd likely think otherwise.

We'll all be in trouble if people start getting labeled as racist for simply reporting what somebody ELSE said. But perhaps we're already there. Why else would we constantly hear phrases like "the n-word" on TV while the actual words they represent are bleeped out?


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