Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Getting Motivated

Here's a list of ideas that I derived from one of today's career counseling sessions. I've written about most of these ideas before, but feel it might be useful for you if I list them here:
  • Figure out how you can make each task as fun as possible.
  • Break the task down into little bites and feel good when you get a bite done.
  • Don't be perfectionistic. That way, tasks will be less painful to do.
  • Do a crappy first version. It's easier to revise your way into excellence than to come up with it out of thin air.
  • When you reach a hard part, don't struggle long with it. Usually, if you can't make progress within 15-60 seconds, chances are you won't make enough progress to justify taking any more time on it. Go on, maybe come back to it later, or get help with it.
  • Feel grateful for your situation. Instead of resenting having to work, adopt the approach so common among the World War II generation: Accept that you have to work, no questions asked: You have an almost a spiritual obligation to not be a parasite on the world, and more positively, to use your abilities and training to make the world better, even if it's just to dig a drainage ditch.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent points, all. Thanks.


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