Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where the Jobs Are

Fans of squooshy or artsy careers, alas the news isn't good. Here's Vickie Elmer's report in the Washington Post on where the jobs are:

If you're seeing the storm clouds of the economy
darken, you might want to grab a career more likely
to withstand a recession. Go into
sales, software development or design if you want
something safe, suggests Jobfox, a McLean, Va.
career website. Its new list of the most
recession-proof professions also includes nurses
accounting staff, business analysts and network
administrators. Financial executives and
administrative assistants also are prime positions,
according to Jobfox. CareerBuilder, run by a group
of newspaper companies and Microsoft, has a similar
list. Engineering, health-care jobs such as
physical therapists, medical assistants, radiology
technicians as well as nurses and information
technology positions including systems analysis and
web development are among the best. State and local
government jobs also could be safe bets.
CareerBuilder reports are based on its own research
and Bureau of Labor Statistics data.


Skeptic said...

I'm shocked that engineering and IT positions appear on this list. Won't they be offshored because the work is done behind a computer?

Marty Nemko said...

I completely agree with you, Skeptic. I think that companies, especially small ones, are short-term, reducing their offshoring because resolving cultural differences have proved problematic. But I believe those problems will be resolved resulting in a long-term surge in offshoring. If I had a son or daughter who was picking a career, I would, indeed, suggest she pick one that was offshore-resistant: e.g.., be an entrepreneur, in health care, etc.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they are mistaken about the systems jobs. If a company can't just buy it in a box, they can offshore it or bring in low-paid workers.

If someone gets a degree in IT, they have good opportunities for about 5 years. Then, company will replace them with new graduate getting lower pay but with cutting edge skills. If company can swing it, it will be someone from off-shore who will expect lower pay and citizenship later.

Eventually the new citizen is in the same boat...being replaced with someone cheaper. The only way to secure something is to find a niche. In other words, GET VERY LUCKY.

Been There

Richard Jennings said...

The three new sites added to About.com's top 10 list are


If you're looking, there is a job for you!


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