Monday, June 1, 2009

Best Blogs for Advancing Your Career

The people at asked me to create a list of the top 10 career blogs. Candidly, I don't regularly read any blogs but search the blogosphere and Net on a just-in-time basis: If I need info, I google for it, which takes me to sites and blogs. But if I wanted to read blogs to advance my career, these would be at the top of my list:

How to Change the World: Practical Blog for Impractical people." Guy is a master at using tech tools such as Twitter and LInkedIn to abet your career. He also comments about and links to the best new career/biz-related books, e.g., What I Wish I knew when I was 20." and In Pursuit of Elegance.

Gary Hamel's Management 2.0. Recent post titles in this Wall Street Journal blog: Empowering Natural Leaders in Facebook-Generation Ways, Nine Ways to Identify Natural Leaders" and Management Moonshots: the product of a discussion with 35 distinguished business leaders.
A multiple-author blog, this one is gratefully career counselor-free. Instead of their usually too generic advice (network, feel the fear and do it anyway, etc.) this site is long on practical specifics. Recent posts: Help for Small Biz: SBA Backs Interest-Free Loans, how Merchant Services Work, 15 Questions to Measure the Strength of Your Home Biz.
. I believe this is the rise of the Chinese empire and the fall of the American. is my first-choice blog for figuring out how people outside of China can figure out how to capitalize on the China boom.
Recent posts: Are You Really Developing Leaders, Which Comes First: Job Performance or Job Satisfaction, Four Tips for Presenting at the Meeting Table, Speaking? Three Ways to Satisfy Your Audience.
Ben Casnocha is the smartest (and nicest) young business-oriented guy I know. His blog shares his musings about business and entrepreneurship. He's especially good at questioning conventional wisdom.
Recent posts: Accrual accounting for non-accountants, 25 businessmen who broke the rules (and some laws), 25 Well-Paying Jobs Most People Overlook (and why.)

Science blog + genetics. I'm betting that genetics will do more to help the world (and create lots of great jobs) than any other innovation. Written in plain English, this blog would keep me current, easily.

Hit and Run.
When I start to think I'm crazy for being nervous about the mammoth transfer of jobs from the private sector to the government and government-mandated sector, I get a reality check from this intelligent libertarian-leaning site.

Marty Nemko.
You'll hate me for saying this but I truly believe this blog has the most useful advice on most topics related to advancing your career, for example, salary negotiation, overcoming procrastination, managing anger, succeeding in small business. Yes, you'll have to click "career advice" on my tag cloud to avoid having to read my posts on politics (libertarian-leaning,) race (reverse discrimination is rampant,) and men's issues (men are treated poorly relative to their merit,) but I think you'll find that worth it.


GeekMBA360 said...

Hi, Marty,

I'm going to make a pitch to include my own blog -- (take a look at to see a sample of some of my more popular posts. Another example is

I'm a long-time reader of your blog. Disagree with you in some issues, but always enjoyed your honesty.

I've been trying hard to provide my own honest opinions on a variety of career issues based on my own experience. Also, I'm not afraid to say negative things about MBA program (just see

Anyway, excuse me for the shameless self promotion. :-)

Bill (

Ben Casnocha said...

thanks for the shout out... and love that you are including your own blog in the list! :)

D said...

I can vouch for GeekMBA360. I spent a weekend reading many posts and enjoyed it.

Joel said...

Hi Marty,

This is an extremely insightful list of blogs for advancing one's career. While may not be as career-oriented as the others on the list, I do hope that it provides readers with a comprehensive education on the ever-changing China marketplace. I truly appreciate you including my blog on your list and look forward to following your posts in the future.

All the best,


aram said...

It is really helpful thanks so much.. nice post!