Saturday, June 20, 2009

How to Find Start-Ups

Outside of the government, most new jobs are created by small companies, especially start-ups. But how do you find them?

That question was posted on the career counselors' Yahoo! group of which I'm a member and here were the responses:
"Search job boards (including indeed and craigslist) with just the word
"start-up" or "startup" to pull up start up companies who are hiring
- Search to find start-up group meetings
- East Bay Innovations Group ("

Susan Dittman wrote: "You may want to search Google for venture capital companies mostly located on Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park. Also the Keiretsu Forum which is an angel investor group."

Maureen Nelson wrote: "Guy Kawasaki mentioned the Churchill Club on Marty's (that's me) show a few weeks ago: It's based in Silicon Valley.

Kathy Knudson wrote: Venture backed growth companies Valley news about Technology money & innovation internet product & companies


Robin Ogden - FiredUP Careers said...

Also be sure to go into LinkedIn and search "groups" - use the word 'startups' and you'll find hundreds of groups you can join.

Thanks for the post-

Robin Ogden
FiredUP Careers

Megan Pittsley, Job Center Manager said...

Thanks for reposting Marty! I'm building a HUGE list of resources for those interested in locating employment opportunities with startups that will be posted on my blog within a few days, at

- Megan Pittsley


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