Thursday, September 23, 2010

The "Paycheck Fairness Act" is Unfair

Finally, even the New York Times is publishing pieces that recognize that women are, for the same work, not, on average, underpaid.

The op-ed, Fair Pay Isn't Always Equal Pay, by Christina Hoff-Sommers, says,
The bill has received strong support from women’s rights groups, professional organizations and even President Obama, who has called it 'a common-sense bill.'

But the bill isn’t as commonsensical as it might seem. It overlooks mountains of research showing that discrimination plays little role in pay disparities between men and women, and it threatens to impose onerous requirements on employers to correct gaps over which they have little control.
Not surprisingly, the Obama administration and the liberal Congress ignore the facts. It's easier to kowtow to the feminist movement's Power Players: NOW, Catalyst, AAUW, etc. So the Democrats are proposing a Paycheck Fairness Act which would make it yet easier for women to file class-action(!), punitive-damages(!) lawsuits against employers they accuse of sex-based pay discrimination.

As a result, women will have an easier time of extorting big bucks from employers who are innocent but, in today's era of political correctness, will feel little choice but to pay off those women and their shark attorneys to make their expensive, time- and stress-consuming lawsuits go away.

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