Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What the Mainstream Media Doesn't Tell You About Israel

I think it's fair to say my blog posts have never been emotional but having just watched this six-minute video about Israel, I feel the need to write this emotional post.

No doubt, Israel has overreacted at times. Mightn't you if your neighbor's government, Hamas's charter called for your annihilation and was firing bombs near your home? How'd you feel if you were an Israeli and you knew that the Palestinian people selected Hamas as its government and has its military armed by Iran, a soon-to-be-nuclear power led by a Holocaust denier who is in solidarity with Hamas' pledge to destroy Israel?

And now Egypt will likely be run by a government far less accepting of Israel than Hosni Mubarek is. The Muslim Brotherhood, with ties to Al Qaeda, is among the leading contenders. And the U.S. president is the least Israel-friendly in history. To top it all, the mainstream media is growing ever more leftist, which means it advocates for economic have-nots, without regard to their merit. As is demonstrated in the video, Israel is not yet an economic have-not and thus will always get worse media coverage than the poor Palestinians.

As you decide how much to support Israel vs. the Palestinians vs. the countries surrounding Israel, and as you decide whether the mainstream media uses a double-standard to judge Israel compared with the Palestinians and other Middle Eastern countries, I invite you to at least consider the facts in this video. At minimum, you'll find the music uplifting.

Although rationally, I can't take pride in others' accomplishments, emotionally, I find myself proud that a people whose genetic roots I share has done so much good for the world, including for Muslim people whose leaders want to exterminate the Israeli people, just as the Nazis wanted to.

P.S. This second video highlights many more of Israel's amazing contributions. I believe that watching that eight-minute video will make even the most anti-Israeli person more pro-Israel. I am in awe at what Israelis have done for the world.


Seraphim said...

For more that the mainstream media doesn't tell you about Israel, see the work of Maria Khoury, a Greek-American living in the West Bank. Here are some interviews with her.

toetag said...

I'm going to retweet this. Because I feel it is important and accurate, please help if they guy replies again. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Israel would be a "have not" as well if the US didn't take such interest in the country for its own middle east power play interests.

I agree Israelis have been through a lot and deserve praise, but let's not act like they are so far ahead of the rest of the middle east based on merit alone.


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