Monday, March 21, 2011

Yet More Evidence of The Media's Liberal Bias: Reporting Gender Employment Statistics

The media is giving maximum coverage to the assertion that 90% of the jobs gained in the "recovery" have been to men.

Why was so much less coverage given to the fact that men lost 80% of the jobs in the recession, a far larger number of jobs than have been gained in our jobless non-recovery? In fact, the few that knew that inconvenient truth dubbed the recession a HeCesssion or ManCession.

And why has the media been virtually silent about the even more inconvenient truth that, since the recession began and all the way through today, the unemployment rate for men is significantly higher than for women.

And why does the media uncritically trumpet the misleading statistic perpetrated by feminist organizations that women earn 75 cents on the dollar compared with men, when, in fact, for the same nature, quantity, and difficulty of work, women earn roughly the same as men, and that among ummarried women, women, overall, earn more?

The media truly is unfair to men, especially to white and Asian men. It will unquestioningly advocate for women and "underrepresented" minorities, setting aside its usual journalistic zeal to dig for the truth.


ST said...

I thought it was pretty well-known that most jobs lost in the recession were held by men. Of course, I don't watch much TV news, so maybe it wasn't on there.

But, I did see a news snippet on how "women still earn 75 cents on the men's dollar from the most recent accounting of the numbers.

A straight average is not correct, and I can't believe people are still getting sucked into that.

Also, for other reasons I see at work, most women really don't want to work that much, they'd rather be home for their kids. I just had a coworker today say she wishes her husband made more, so she could stay home.

As a man, I can truly say I love to work and I really couldn't imagine not doing "regular work" as my main life duties day in and day out. I'm motivated to go there every day. If I were unemployed by someone else, I'd work at getting another job or maybe it would be the time to find another life's work on my own, I don't know.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Thanks, Marty. It's good to hear the other side.

I knew men were losing most of the jobs in this recession. I had not heard the media's spin on those jobs returning to men -- misleading to be sure.

Anthony said...

There are facts, and there are "real" facts. It's true; some unmarried woman will make more then men. However, it's usually not the case. Men and Women aren't looked the same because of social constructionism. When things go great, men take most of the credit. When things go awful, men usually are the ones to blame.

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