Monday, October 31, 2011

Don't Elect. Select: a better way to pick our legislators

In the latest installment of my "What's the Big Idea?" series in the Washington Post, I make the radical proposal that we'd have better legislators if they were not elected but selected using passive criteria, like the way stocks are included in an index fund.

That may seem crazy. After all, electing our leaders is a hallowed tradition, foundational to the democracy created by our Constitution. But I invite you to read the column and then decide. HERE is the link.


Robert said...

Wow, The Washington Post! That is big money, presumably. Congratulations, Dr. Nemko, on getting your very thought-provoking essay published there of all places.

Marty Nemko said...

There is a person who occasionally submits a comment. His/her questions are thoughtful, but embedded are personal attacks. I will not publish such things, especially when they are libelous.

For example, his latest attempt to play "gotcha" is: "Why do you now claim a Ph.D. in the 'evaluation of innovation'? Your doctorate is in education. 'Evaluation of innovation' is not a discipline."

The tagline says my Ph.D.'s SPECIALIZATION was the evaluation of innovation, which is absolutely true. If I had instead used up some of the small tagline space to state that the Ph.D. was awarded by the Graduate School of Education, it would have been misleading, less relevant, and less explanatory than stating my specialization. I might mention that my advisor was Michael Scriven, one the world's most eminent experts in program evaluation.

If that person wishes to revise his/her comment to focus only on the issues, I'd be pleased to post it and to respond.


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