Monday, October 31, 2011

I'll Be on the Ronn Owens Program TODAY

Today, Tuesday, Nov 1 from 10:00 am to 11:00 am, I will be the guest on KGO AM-810's Ronn Owens Program, among California's most listened-to shows.

I've been his regularly appearing career expert for 25 years now, so unless he changes things, he'll ask me a few questions about work issues and mostly, I'll answer callers' questions about work.

You can hear it live on KGO-AM 810 in the San Francisco Bay Area, or anywhere at The show will be archived on that site for a week afterwards.

I invite you to call: 80-80-810 from anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. Or 415-80-80-810 from anywhere.


Dan said...

Marty, I just listened online to your hour with Ronn Owens. The hour flew by. If KGO really was interested in helping people, the station whould give you a show again. Karel gets six hours every weekend and nobody benefits. At least you provide a service that actually helps people. If KGO management is as "progressive" as their lineup of liberal talkers, they would put aside their listening demographics and put you back on the air. That is -- if KGO was more interested in "community" than evil corporate profits.

F.S. said...

Enjoyed the show - frankly, I liked it more than your KALW show. You and Ronn work well together, and I suspect that KGO's screeners are better and its listenership is larger and more diverse.

Related, sort of: there's a project on "inventing your future" going on at that is collecting ideas from readers about jobs, careers, etc. A lot of the advice sounds like yours, Marty.

Marty Nemko said...

Thanks, F.S. Yes, the KALW listenership is far less diverse and I'm under significant constraints on that station.

I've just submitted an idea to Hive--re my healthy soup cart biz.