Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Particularly Egregious Example of Censorship by the Left

As some of you know, I have been fired, censored, and censured, for speaking what I believe is truth about the unfair treatment of men and boys.

Now my hero in this field, Warren Farrell has suffered a more visible form of such censure. It profoundly saddens me.

I invite you to watch the two videos embedded in THIS article. The first video shows the protest trying to prevent Farrell from making his invited address at the University of Toronto on absolutely dishonest pretenses,wildly distorting, out of context, statements that Farrell previously made.

The second video shows his talk, unedited. Watch even the first few minutes and I think you'll see why he so deserves my respect and why I am so saddened by the growing censorship from the Left that is at least as destructive to society as the McCarthyism from the Right that the Left continues to decry 70 years after it ended.

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