Thursday, January 31, 2013

"How to Do Life" is Now an Audiobook

I'm delighted to say that my book How to Do Life: What They Didn't Teach You in School is now available as an audiobook.

As of today, it's available on, on and soon on iTunes. An audio sample of the book is HERE.

It's described on as "a remarkable and highly distilled assemblage of not-obvious yet powerful advice on career, money, relationships, emotional health, physical health, education, and life's biggest questions, How to Do Life distills countless books and Google searches, plus the experience of what has worked best for the 3,900 career and life-coaching clients Dr. Nemko has worked with over the past quarter century."

Of course, it's also still available as a printed book and in a Kindle edition. For those, plus reader reviews of the book, click HERE.

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