Monday, March 11, 2013

Five Fresh Self-Employment Ideas Plus One Stale but Good One

My latest US News piece offers five fresh ideas for a business, plus  one that I've mentioned here before but I love because it's so simple, low-risk, costs little to start, and is easily cloneable into a chain.


Anonymous said...

You were once bullish on librarianship as a career? Is this still the case?

Marty Nemko said...

I continue to think it's a great career--if you can get a job. Some of the more interesting niches are university and corporate librarianships. But the job market is very tough. And, of course, the job description is radically changing--much more of a database miner and/or teacher of info retrieval skills.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for confirming my research. I decided against spending the money and time to pursue an MLS because of the job market. I am 51 and such a degree would not be cost-effective.


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