Thursday, March 21, 2013

How I Help My Clients Choose a Career

My contribution today to AOL summarizes how I help my clients choose a career. My goal for the article was to enable you to be your own career counselor.


Beth said...

Hi Marty. I'm starting to get interested in getting a certificate/training in acupressure/acupuncture for dogs, cats, and possibly horses.

Only one problem. Columbus Ohio is pretty strict when it comes to certification and hanging up a shingle doing this type of work. As I've mentioned, this state (and this city) are really slow when it comes to anything progressive.

There are a couple of animal chiropractors, as well as some holistic vets in Columbus. I think I'll start with some of the names I do know and see if I can shadow.

As I've mentioned, I really want to move away. I'm pretty sure Chicago and the 'burbs would be a target for re-location. I lived there for many years and they are more open minded than Columbus. I could live with the weather now that I have a car.

However I'm scared about re-locating without a $ cushion.

Any suggestions about re-location without a cushion? The idea of the alternative approach to animal health.

I did read a marketing overview for the pet care industry for 2013-2014 and there is a growing interest in in home hospice care for pets. I think adding this service may be thinking ahead of the curve.

I don't know.


Marty Nemko said...

If I were worried about money, I'd also be worried about trying something cutting edge. Alas, too often it turns out to be the bleeding edge. If I wanted to do direct animal care and do something fresh, I'd be more inclined to do something like this;


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