Monday, March 18, 2013

You're Invited to a Show that Has Received Only Standing Ovations

We live in a world of hype. So when I say that I'm inviting you to a performance you'll likely truly love, you may well think it's marketing BS. But I'll stake whatever reputation I have on that assertion's validity.

Jeffrie Givens will be performing a much improved version of her already strong one-woman show, Big, Black, and Shy on Sunday, April 28 at 2 PM at my home in Oakland, CA. All five previous performances of the show received standing ovations. The current version is much better still.

With story and song, she tells her remarkable but true story of the shyest girl in Oakland. It's inspirational to any of us who face challenges.

Besides, she's grown into an outstanding singer and performer. She'll be accompanied on piano by me and on drums by Bob Scott, who has toured and recorded with Willie Nelson, Ray Charles and Earl "Fatha" Hines.

Email me if you want to attend, email me ASAP:  UPDATE: I'm gratified to say that even though it's still a month before the show, all the seats have already been taken. I am now accepting names for the wait list or to be put on the e-mail list for her subsequent performance:

By the way, a special thanks to the Bay Area's best agent for and coach to musicians, Frank Goldstein, without whom I could not have attracted a musician of the above caliber.

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