Saturday, April 27, 2013

Video of How I Create My Columns and Posts

Last week, I gave a talk to the Napa Valley Writers Association on how I write columns.

Instead of just telling people how I write a column, I actually created a mini-column in 15 minutes, while saying aloud my thought process, in the moment.

Although nearly all the attendees were fiction writers, a number of them came up to me and said that it will greatly improve even their fiction writing.

Afterward, someone who couldn't attend, wrote to ask me if I'd be willing to make a video of that presentation. Here it is below.

Because I'm too busy and/or lazy, I didn't do it carefully. I just sat in front of my webcam and let 'er rip. Although it's unedited and the first few minutes of the demo are not visible, just audible, I'm hoping that you'll find this a useful 1/2-hour writing lesson.

1 comment:

Brian Watkins said...

Another example of your generosity. Just one reason you're so successful. Thanks, Marty.


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