Saturday, April 13, 2013

What's New in Landing a Job

Sometimes it feels that job searching hasn't changed in eons: Write a resume, network, answer ads, interview.

There are new factors, all internet-based:
  • Employers will google you. If there's something you've posted that you don't want prospective employes to see, take it down. If someone else has written something unfairly negative about you, see if you can get him to take that down.
  •  Be sure your LinkedIn profile is complete, including an engaging headshot. 
  • CareerSonar ranks all jobs available online by the strength of your connections on Facebook and LinkedIn. That makes it easy for you to know when to try to get a connection to try to help you.
  • makes it easy to dig up the straight scoop on what it's like to interview with and work for a specific employer.
  •  It can't hurt to make some smart posts on a blog, Twitter, or LinkedIn forum. 
  •  You might create a website containing a portfolio of your work
  •  If you're camera-friendly, post a YouTube resume or you explaining something you're expert in. 
  •  You might try posting a Twesume: a 140-character resume on Twitter. Employers like to screen fast and many are looking for social-media-friendly applicants. Sample: Tech PR pro. 16+ years experience both in-house & agency. Looking in LA.  
  •  You can also use Twitter to try to get leads, for example,  Looking for a job in X field, and would greatly appreciate feedback on my online portfolio! [link]  
  •  In answering job ads or making unsolicited queries to prospective employers, include a portfolio of your work products and/or a business plan explaining what you could do if hired. 
  •  What's working less well is asking for informational interviews. People are sick of being asked. Replace that by being a savvy googler and searcher of LinkedIn groups.

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