Monday, March 24, 2014

You're Invited to a Free Performance of a Show I'm Doing with Jeffrie Givens: "Retard!"

Jeffrie Givens was called "Retard!" by kids and retarded by teachers. She's come a long way.

You are invited to a special performance of the show that tells her story, "Retard!""

In it, I interview her and accompany her on the piano.

It is the reinvented version of her previous show, Big, Black, and Shy.

It will be at my home in Oakland, CA on Sunday May 4 at 2 PM. It will conclude at around 3:30.

We did our first performance of it last month in San Francisco and the audience truly loved it.

This performance will be free but my living room holds only 22 people. So, if you want to attend, you might want to email me soon, letting me know the number of seats you want. My email address is

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