Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Marty Nemko on the Adam Carolla Show

I've never been on a show in which profanity is allowed...until yesterday. I was on the Adam Carolla Show.

We talked about who should and shouldn't go to college. HERE is the link to the show. My segment begins at 18:10 and lasts about 15 minutes.

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Cleanupset said...


I heard you on the show the other day, you did a good job explaining your point of view. I was particularly interested when you talked about apprenticeship. I'm highly dyslexic and feel dyslexics like would benefit for more from on he job type training then being in the classroom. Further a lot of dyslexics are not really good at low level administrative skill which can be the undoing of ones career before it start for example you could have a dyslexic who is good at critical thinking (dyslexics are big picture people) but because they cant spell well their career get submarined.


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