Saturday, March 22, 2014

Transcript: "Work with Marty Nemko:" OVERsupply of STEM majors, attorneys

A reader asked for a written transcript of one of my radio shows. I had it made. HERE is the link

On that show, I first documented the oversupply of STEM graduates and of lawyers. I then talked about some under-the-radar careers, and then did Three-Minute Workovers on callers.


Maria Lopez said...

Many of the jobs, about half, in the AOL article are STEM jobs.

Also, you implied that being tower technician had something to do with air traffic controllers when it just means someone who climbs towers to work on communications equipment.

Finally, I do think that people are urge to major in STEM in an attempt to compete with China. This might be a worthy and achievable goal or it might not be. If it is a good way to get more people in would be to reduce the cost of early failure.

For example it could optional to include beginning calculus in one's GPA. This would allow more people who do not know if they were good at it to take it.

Marty Nemko said...

Maria, an article on AOL listing some STEM jobs doesn't obviate the wealth of studies showing there's an oversupply.

Thanks for pointing out that misstatement about tower technicians. Yes, they're mainly working on microwave towers and the like.


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