Saturday, July 25, 2015

Is The World Getting Better?

UK-based Clive Smith, who conducts a series of interviews on The Big Issues, read my internal debate published on "Is Our World Getting Better?"

He then invited me to be one of his interviewees. It ended up being very wide-reaching: violence, technology's effects, global warming, race, gender, regulation, political correctness, media bias, the debt crisis, capitalism, and redistribution. HERE is the link.

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Dave said...

A very enlightening interview. However, I do disagree with your assessment of automobiles produced in the Eastern block countries. The East German Trabant was equipped with a fully independent suspension - a rare and desirable feature in production cars of the era, made of duraplast - which I believe is corrosion resistant, was capable of 30+ plus miles per gallon, performed better in frontal collisions than many compact cars produced in the West, and had an average service life of 28 years. This car was, in many respects, ahead of its time.

I do not of a single car produced in the West with a service life of 28 years; Rolls Royce might be an exception. I don't know.


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