Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Stories of Seclusion: Obsessed Over Margaret Sanger

My PsychologyToday.com series, Stories of Seclusion, tells composite stories of people who have spent much time alone.

Today's installment tells of Julia, who soon after graduating college, unintentionally got pregnant.

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Anonymous said...

Unintentionally...yeah, right!

There are 9 different forms of birth control for women. Why wasn't she on one of them, especially knowing that she is not making enough money to support a child at the estimated cost of $500K - $1 million for 18 years? And nowadays, it goes up to age 25+, thanks to the poor economy.

Yes, ladies, keep blaming the guy for you getting pregnant...9 forms of birth control for you, and only one for the guy...kind of like the game of baseball...a really fair game...1 guy at bat versus 9 on the field.

The law is on your side these days, ladies. You can go out and have sex with any guy you want and blame them for your pregnancy, legit or not via the Maury Povich show, but things are changing. Gays got the right to get married recently, and pretty soon you won't be able to blame any guy you want for your irresponsibility of not using birth control. It's coming soon, you enjoy your free ride while you can. Then you'll be screwed!

Single mothers...raising the car jackers of the future...


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