Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Finally a Book on Men that Doesn't Ridicule Them

Save the Males has been published for three months now, is a wonderfully written and significant book,  and I'll bet you haven't heard of it. As usual, the media censors anything pro-male. 

I'd bet that if it were written by a man, it never even would have been published, let alone by Random House. Fortunately, it was written by a woman, syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker.  

The book makes clear (and entertaining) how badly, how unfairly, men and boys have, for decades, been treated by the schools, colleges, media, and courts, all, ironically, in the name of gender equity.

I do have some problems with the book:

Her main motivation to write the book is not to be fair to men, but because daughters and society need men to be brave, hard workers. Men aren't worthy merely as humans; they must be beasts of burden.

She deifies family unduly. I believe that family, along with higher education, are America's most overrated icons. I've seen so many people's lives hurt more than helped by family.


Rich said...


You are spot on about family -it is very overrated in our society. The same can be said for romantic relationships. Me, bitter? You betcha. I can't begin to tell you how many miserable married people I know.

Why don't you write an article about this someday?

Dave said...


Take a look at what Allan Bloom had to say about relationships in 'The Closing of the American Mind'. I'm sure Dr. Nemko knows this book. What an indictment of relationships, higher education, relativism and post modernism! It's hard to stomach, so consider yourself warned.


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