Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike: In Crisis, There is Opportunity

Rarely do we know a disaster will hit, but with Hurricane Ike (unless the predictions are wrong as they were with Hurricanes Hanna and Gustav), we know that Galveston, Texas and perhaps Houston and western Louisiana will suffer enormous damage.

Hurricane Katrina taught us that there will be tremendous needs: for example, people to repair the damage, provide food, shelter, and medical care.  So, if you have those skills, you might consider going down there after the storm. 

Even if you don't have the direct skills to help, perhaps you could be a facilitator, for example, being a recruiter: developing a stable of nurses, construction workers, etc. willing to go to Galveston if needed. 

There will also be many less obvious needs. For example, after Hurricane Katrina, the government bought (at the usual ridiculously high prices that government is willing to pay)  trailers for temporary housing.  

Of course, I am not suggesting that you take unfair advantage of the situation. I believe it would be unethical for you to raise your prices to take advantage of an emergency. But if you are involved in the manufacture or distribution of a product or service likely to be needed post-Ike, you might want to develop a plan for how you might serve the Galveston area. 

Tip: Google-search such terms as ("Hurricane Katrina" rebuilding) and ("Hurricane Ike" aftermath) to get ideas of what other products and services are likely to be needed in Texas and Louisiana after Hurricane Ike.

Your willingness to help rebuild the Hurricane-Ike-devastated Gulf Coast at a fair price would seem to be a sure way to enable you to do well by doing good.

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Anonymous said...

My favorite response to helping after Katrina were the Katrina cottages available at Lowe's.

The originals were designed by architect Marianne Cusato as a response to the FEMA trailer.

Perhaps a wealthy benefactor, or a group of average people pooling their resources, might build some of these cottages for people with no place left to go.


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