Monday, January 19, 2009

College: Worth the Price of Admission?

Here's the video of my recent appearance with Suze Orman and John Stossel on ABC-TV's 20-20.


Jeff Shore said...

What an incredibly powerful segment. Really well done. Thanks for telling it like it is!

Jason C. Johnson said...


Anonymous said...

Getting this myth-buster out to college-bound high schoolers and their parents is a valuable service. Magnificent.

You and Suze make an unbeatable team!

Michael R. Edelstein

Dave said...

This is an excellent segment. I feel sorry for that woman. My brother is in the same boat. It took him 11 years to earn a BA degree and he has not found meaningful employment.

Dr. Nemko, please don't give up. Families need to know the truth.


Anonymous said...

There's a story in the LA Times today about a freshman at UCLA. She's an illegal immigrant, and she's struggling, earning a B-minus average after working hard her first semester. She started below average for a UCLA student, and remains below average.

She gets no support from her mother, who herself is a single parent and would prefer her daughter got a full-time job. She barely got enough money to pay for her first year. And overall, she's simply not prepared or cut out for college.

Also, she realizes already that if she earns her psychology undergraduate degree, she won't go further than that. That's a spot that could have gone to a more-prepared student.

I have a feeling that this student will never finish. I wish the LA Times would follow her throughout her college career to see what happens to her.

She looked up to her high-school teachers, who probably encouraged her to attend college. If one of them advised her to consider other options that might provide a brighter future, her story might not be so pathetic.


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