Monday, August 24, 2009

Economic Armageddon, Here We Come?

The Obama administration admitted today that the federal debt will, over the next decade, grow wildly larger than it had previously said--so much for a recovery. Now the estimate is $9 trillion!

And that doesn't count the $1.0 to $1.6 trillion Congress is contemplating spending on ObamaCare.

Nor does it count the massive additional new spending Obama has promised, for example, legalizing the 13-20 million illegals, who will thereby become eligible for ObamaCare, increasing the debt further.

And Obama is considering "Stimulus" 3. For our trillion dollars, "Stimuli/Bailouts" 1 and 2 have resulted in the highest unemployment rate since 1983 and wildly accelerating debt, yet he contemplates Grandson of "Stimulus"/Bailout.

China owns ever more of America and the U.S. is becoming ever less creditworthy. Just the interest on the national debt is approaching the total budget for national defense!

And federal spending is accelerating?! Will we, not to mention our children and grandchildren, suffer profoundly from our government's profligacy?

Government programs (yes, Republican-initiated programs, for example, the Bush bailouts and the Iraq War, are equally at fault) are usually terribly inefficient. Think Amtrak, the Postal Service, the public schools, the nearly bankrupt Social Security and Medicare, the Bailouts, $85 hammers, the Bridge to Nowhere.

Many government programs are actually negative in effect. Consider, for example, Cash for Clunkers: dangling taxpayer dollars in front of people poor enough to own bad-gas mileage clunkers so they can go deeply in debt to buy a new car (80% of which have been foreign, by the way). And of course, dumping much of their toxic components and fluids into landfills is an environmental disaster. Plus, car dealers are screaming that they have laid out the $4,500 per car to customers and often have not yet been paid by the government, thereby killing their cash flow, a business's lifeblood. The government can't even write a promised check in a timely manner and it wants to run a "public option" health care system?

An individual and especially a nation in debt is at-risk. A nation that has assumed unprecedentedly, incomprehensibly mammoth debt is doomed. Even Keynes did not imagine this magnitude of government spending.
To pay for its metastasizing number and scope of programs and interest on its soon-to-be $9 trillion debt, the government will, unchecked, continue to raise taxes and print ever more money, thereby decreasing the value of our life's savings and purchasing power.

As a result, American workers will likely end up joining most of the world's workers in earning a net $1 an hour.
As reported in a recent blog post, we already work into August just to pay all the costs imposed by government. Does anyone really think we get fair value for the government's taking over half our money from us each year?

Our only savior is for us to demand that the government to return most our tax dollars to us and for government to live within its then more modest means: scale down so it can balance its budget and pay down its debt. Anything else is too likely to lead us to economic Armageddon.


Anonymous said...

Edmonds and CNN are reporting that the clunkers program did much better at moving US-badged vehicles than the government numbers suggest.

This is a fast comparison explaining the issue.

As one instance, the Ford Escape is available in six configurations; the report that had 8/10 of the top ten vehicles was based on counting each Escape build as a separate vehicle.

If you pool all the Escapes, etc. you get

Ford Escape
Ford Focus
Jeep Patriot
Dodge Caliber
Ford F-150
Honda Civic
Chevrolet Silverado
Chevrolet Cobalt
Toyota Corolla
Ford Fusion

Dan said...

Great article! Obama & the U.S. government needs to be stopped...the effects of big government is scary indeed!


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