Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How to Not Procrastinate a Big Project

It's tough to determine how long a big project will take. So waiting until the last minute greatly increases the risk it will be done poorly.

THE KEY: Make this rule inviolate: I will start a big project the hour or at least the day it is assigned to me. If I don't know how to get started (for example, how to structure the project,) I'll get help immediately.

How to motivate yourself to stick with that rule? Remind yourself that if you get started right away, the project will be more FUN:
  • You'll avoid the stress of trying to get it done well at the last minute.
  • You'll have time to play with the parts of it you enjoy, for example, wordsmithing or illustrating it.
  • If you're done early, you'll have gotten yourself a chunk of time that you can enjoy without the project hanging over your head.
  • You'll likely have done a better job, which will yield more praise and make you proud of yourself.

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Anonymous said...

Very good advice. I will make sure I follow it as best as I can.


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