Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My latest Twitter Tweets

I've started tweeting and am surprised that I'm doing it a fair amount--an average of one a day. Indeed it's reducing my blogging. If you'd like to see samples of my tweets before deciding to click on that "Follow me" blue button on the side of this blog, here are my most recent ones:

Classes have bad ROI. Screaming need for online ed filled w must-have content, immersively, interactively guided by transformational tchs.

New use of offshoring: Even many large accounting firms outsource U.S. tax return preparation to India--at 80% savings.

My goal when writing how-to: Maximum fresh, valuable ideas per minute of the reader's time.

Mortgage paperwork "scandal?" No/minimal wrong foreclosures yet Obama + 49 AGs investigating--poor use of taxpayer $. It's all politics.

Teach for America tch: "I'm tired of dealing w soiled pants, burning garbage cans, and yard fights. Their problems are too big for me."

Interesting how the term "hoodlum" changed to "disadvantaged" and now "underresourced." It mirrors our externalizing responsibility.

Think twice before saying no. Is there any way you could twist it around so you could say yes?


Anonymous said...

Hooray! I'm always excited when a meaningful thinker joins twitter. Keep up the blogging too - I'm on board for your short and long ideas.

twitter @ anniewhite

Anonymous said...

I'm actually always sad to see folks who can do long form prose head off to 140 character land. There are twitter feeds I like (, for instance) but I've yet to embrace the medium. the lauraleslie feed, for instance, mostly serves as an amusing pointer to long form journalism.

Speaking of which - if we want to keep tax rates flat, we need to put the kibosh on games like the "double irish," which lets Google - a company built on intellectual property directly and indirectly paid for by the US (tcp/ip for the internet, an NSF fellowship for one of the founders' studies which led to him leaving grad school to heat up Google) - pay a staggering 2.4% income tax rate.

Anonymous said...

Just followed you on Twitter. I love all the bite-sized Nemko-isms. I hope you keep it up!


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