Friday, October 15, 2010

Only Build Your Network When Employed

Yes, it's worth spending the time to build your network when you're employed.

But when unemployed, trying to build a network, including on L
inkedIn, usually takes too long to turn nascent connections into even one that gets you an on-target job.

And that assumes the job seeker has the far-from-trivial ability to convert even one percent of such people into a such a powerful and motivated advocate.

Job seekers start out with a full tank of gas, a certain amount of energy they'll put into a job search before they give up. In attempting to convert strangers into even one powerful, motivated advocate, most job seekers will, before landing a good job, run out of gas.

The way for unemployed job seekers to not run out of gas is to do a great job of pitching their existing network and to write top-of-the-heap applications for on-target advertised jobs.


Anonymous said...

Dr.Nemko, may I ask your opinion of events organized specifically for networking?

I've been to a few either sponsored by recruiting firms (eg. Aerotek) or Meetup groups for people working in a particular field. In both cases most of the people who attend are out of work or are anticipating lay-offs. No offense to these events that are trying to build community, but it seems a bit of a waste of time to try to find a job among people who are out of work themselves.

I also attend evening lecture series to try to stay on top of new technologies, but it seems uncomfortable discussing job-related issues in these environments. Or is that my wrong impression?

Could you please suggest events that are suitable for networking with people who are working for companies that are acutally hiring?

Thank you again for your very interesting blog.

Marty Nemko said...

My favorite such events are trade shows.


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