Monday, May 6, 2013

I piano-accompany Napa Funny Girl stars Taylor Bartolucci and James Sasser

Rarely have I had as much fun on my radio show as yesterday. I got to piano-accompany the two fabulous stars of Funny Girl, which opens this Friday at the Napa Valley Opera House.

HERE is the video of Taylor Bartolucci singing I'm the Greatest Star.

And HERE is the video of Taylor and James Sasser doing the duet, I Want to Be Seen With You.

Oh, I might mention that my wife Barbara Nemko will be playing the comic relief role in Funny Girl: Sarah Straykosh, a busybody force of nature from Brooklyn.

And for the hour before the show on Friday, Saturday, and the following Saturday, I'll be playing  Broadway show medleys on the piano as well as accompanying the winners of the I'm the Greatest Future Star competition.

I've heard reports from rehearsals that the show is going to be wonderful. One insider said, "This is going to be the best show seen in Napa, ever." For tickets and information, click HERE.

Update: The first weekend nearly sold out its 1,500 seats, closing night this Sunday is sold out, and only a few dozen of the 1,000 Friday and Saturday night tickets remain. And the reviews have been fabulous. For example, KCRB said, "Easily one of the best, most memorable shows of the year." The Benicia Herald called it a "stellar production...a hard act to follow." The Napa Register called it "impeccably performed by all 19 actors (and) Bartolucci delivers the consummate Brice."

My radio show focuses on career issues so the bulk of the hour was spent asking Taylor and James as well as Funny Girl's excellent director, Barry Martin about the art of trying to make money in theatre. HERE is the link to the entire show, which is archived on the National Public Radio website.

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