Friday, April 25, 2014

Marty Nemko's 50 YouTube videos: career advice, education reform, piano playing, and why he likes Christmas

On YouTube, I've posted more than 50 videos. Here are some of the titles:

Lessons From My Failures
How I Write My Columns
Developing Drive
Reinventions: Our Political Campaigns
Reinventions: K-12 Education
Reinventions: Undergraduate education
Reinventions: Climate Change
Six Ways to Meet Bright and Gifted Kids' Needs
An Emotional Plea for Government to Require Colleges to Post a College Report Card
Why We Need a White House Council on Boys and Men
Keys to a Better Talk on Intelligence
Finding Your Career
A Seven-Fingered Pianist
A Very Short Course in How to Play the Piano By Ear
Venus and Iris: A children's story but not really
Big, Black and Shy (the show I co-wrote and piano-accompany)
Why this Jew by birth, atheist by practice, likes Christmas.

 HERE's the link to my YouTube channel.

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