Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Case for A Break: Even if you're Job Hunting

Cruise ship dining room. Great networking opp.

My AOL article today: Why job seekers should take a break. Odd for workaholic me to recommend that, but as I hope you'll agree, it makes sense. HERE is the link. 

Regular readers of this blog may note that this is my first AOL article in more than a month. The reason is that they've had me on a special project: the Days of Our Worklives text-based soap opera about work, the first 43 episodes of which I posted on this blog. NBC Universal, the owner of Days of Our Lives won't let AOL use that name, so it will be called It's a Living and the first episode will be published on AOL this Monday. 

Like a TV soap opera, it will run daily, Monday through Friday. I've now written the first 92 episodes but like a TV soap opera, they can discontinue it at any time or renew it depending on whether you like it. Hoping you do, of course. 

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