Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Low-Risk, Fast-Start E-Business

1. Visit Google Trends to see which search terms are being searched much more than they were yesterday. Today's #1 is "John Phillip Law," an actor who died today. (I wouldn't choose that one because it's unlikely to stay hot for more than a couple of days.)

2. Create an e-commerce site, for example, using Yahoo Small Business E-Commerce Solutions. Get a domain name as close to the term as possible. In our example, you'd try to get something as close to as possible.

3. Sign up to be an Amazon Associate--that gets you 5% of revenue clicked through from your site.

4. Search for books, videos, and other products related to your selected search term (In our example: John Phillip Law.) For each product you think is good (in part, based on the reviews on Amazon,) paste its image and URL (which has your Amazon Associate number embedded) onto your site's home page.

4. On the home page, mention the search term perhaps a half-dozen times. But don't just repeat the word one after the other. Use the term so it logically makes sense within the text.

5. Watch the money roll in.

6. Keep repeating the above process with other hot Google Trends terms that are likely to stay hot for at least a couple of weeks.

7. When one of your sites starts to make less money than the cost of maintaining it, drop it.

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