Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm Now the Guest Blogger at the Chronicle of Higher Education

Through June, 2008, I am the Guest Blogger in the Chronicle of Higher Education. I'm blogging about two things:
  • Improving higher education: Why we must, and how.
  • Career advice for college professors and administrators.
I've already made three posts there.

Because of my blogging there, I'll won't post here as often, through the end of June. But in addition to seeing my posts there, I'll try to copy them here a day or two later. (My contract with them requires that delay.)

1 comment:

Dr. Fred said...

Outstanding Dr. Nemko!

The editor of The Chronicle wanted to use my response to your article, which, is the one I posted in your blog (April 2008):


In the interest of self-preservation I thought it was too risky to advertise my (confirmed) identity in a national/international platform.

Keep us posted.

- Dr. Fred


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