Saturday, May 17, 2008

Obama and White Men

This is just the smallest thing, but it suggests the impact of the race consciousness Obama will bring. On April 24, the AFL-CIO (which will no doubt vigorously campaign for Obama) issued a report: AFL-CIO Cites Rise in Hispanic Workplace Deaths." The fact that only 990 of the 5840 workplace deaths occurred to Hispanics didn't matter. The AFL-CIO report focused only on the Latinos.

Of course, it didn't mention the percentage of deaths that occurred to men vs women, even though you can be sure most of the deaths were to men by looking at the occupations with the largest percentage of workplace deaths: construction: transportation and warehousing, agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting. Warren Farrell's statement, "Men are the disposable sex" is triply true for white men.

I am confident that when Obama gets elected, he will revert from his on-the-stump rhetoric designed to calm white male fears to what he's done in the past: calling for dramatic additional redistribution of resources from white men to minorities and women.

It won't matter, for example, that men die 5 1/2 years earlier than women and live their last decade in worse health. You can bet that the 50-year-long practice of conducting almost all-gender- and race-specific research on women and minorities will continue.

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