Friday, May 2, 2008

Who's Hiring? No Surprise: the Government

I'm not sure it's good news for taxpayers--government isn't the most efficient spender of your money--but it is good news for job seekers: USA Today reports government statistics that while the private sector is cutting jobs, government is hiring so vigorously, you'd think the economy was booming.

Government is the last bastion of well-paying, fully benefited jobs, rarely requiring you to work more than 40 hours a week, in which it's almost impossible to get fired--except, perhaps, if you're a white male who tells a woman she looks attractive. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Dr. Nemko,

What's the story on prison chaplains? I was told of a chaplain shortage in the FBOP, but my father told me that a chaplain post is not that easy to get.


Anonymous said...


I had to comment on your last remark about a white male who tells a woman she looks attractive. I "joined" the federal government a year ago after many downsizings in the private sector. I am a white female who grew up in the rural Midwest and accepted a position in Washington, DC. I had lived here once before and knew that DC was a rarified atmosphere and not a welcoming place for liberals from red states. (Yes, you read that correctly.) However, I had always heard that the federal government was “allegedly” accepting of ALL types of people. From day one, my white female supervisor constantly referred to me as the rube (redneck) and screamed that I was stupid. However, this same woman would not dare to use the N word with the mostly African-American staff. I spoke with employee relations, and the counselor very nonchalantly told me that I could file a grievance, but it would have to be done within 45 days of any name calling incident. When I asked if the supervisor could retaliate against me for filing a grievance, the counselor said all federal employees are on probation during their first year of employment. That means I could be terminated at will. In other words, for no reason. I quickly dropped any plans of filing a grievance. After living on both coasts, I have found that many so-called liberal whites think nothing of referring to those of us from the South and Midwest in derogatory terms while practicing political correctness with minorities.

Marty Nemko said...

No idea about the difficulty of landing a prison chaplain job. Best way to find out--do an informational interview with a couple of 'em.

Anonymous said...

A question just occurred to me: what would happen if the number of government job applicants dropped? What if nobody wanted those jobs? Would government have to cut back then if less and less people wanted to work for them? Or would they hire illegal immigrants or outsource so others would do jobs "Americans just won't do"?


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